Manage Repository Columns

You can customize the columns that appear in the repository to display the columns important to you. Additionally, you can rename and reorder the columns as needed.

To customize the column display:

  1. On the side panel, click Dashboard
  2. In the repository, click the ellipsis menu (...) and select Manage Columns.
  3. Select the fields. These appear as columns in the list view.
    • To add standard fields to the list, click in the Available Contract Fields section next to the desired field. Standard fields are default system fields.
    • To add custom fields to the list view, click in the Available Custom Fields section next to the desired field. Custom fields are defined by administrators.
  4. To change the name of a column, click on the column and enter a new name. 
  5. To change the display order of the columns, drag and drop the column names in the Selected Fields section.
  6. To remove a selected column, click the delete icon.
  7. Click Save to apply the changes, or Cancel to exit the window. 

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