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Map Salesforce Objects and Fields

In order to share and exchange information between the two products, fields and other objects must be mapped.


  • Make sure that all settings are properly configured in the CLM Providers section. See #4 in Set Up Salesforce Provider Settings in CLM.
  • The following CLM fields can be mapped from CLM to Salesforce. Before you begin mapping these fields, create these fields with the same name in Salesforce.
    • CLMStatus
    • CLMContractURL
    • CLMAssignee

To get started with mapping:
  1. Go to CLM > Setup > Other > Salesforce Mappings.
  2. Select the Contract Type.
  3. Click Field Mapper
  • Salesforce Entities: Lists CLM supported mappings from listed SFDC entities
  • Salesforce Field:  Lists both Standard and Custom Fields.
  • CLM Field: Standard and Custom fields available on chosen Contract Type.
  • Type of Update - Get From SFDC (mapped after contract creation); UpdateFromCLMtoSFDC (Mapped after CLM Workflow Action is executed on Contract, pre-request: set after action: Send Fields to SFDC on WF page); GetAndUpdateFromSFDCToCLM (combination of both types - after contract creation and workflow action execution). See Workflow Tab for more details.  
The following fields are mapped by default: When a contract is sent from CLM to SFDC, Standard CLM fields are pulled from the Salesforce Package:
  • CLMContractId
  • CLM Contract Key
  • CLMContractTypeId
  1. Click Object Mapper

This tab lists all the Custom Objects mapped from Salesforce after contract creation. For details on how the Custom Object feature is developed, see

  1. Click Other Mappings
  • Select which salesforce Entity to attach the executed document: Select entity and make sure you have after action set for Workflow Action: Send Attachments to Salesforce. See Workflow Tab for more details. 
  • Attach Quote PDF. Attaches the quote PDF to the related account or opportunity.  
  • Apply Mapping To Other Contract Types: This setting will override mappings of other Contract Types.
  1. Save your settings.

Note: The SFDC-CLM integration can be used to map standard objects with custom fields created in SFDC. However, it cannot be used to map custom objects with custom fields. In SFDC Contact is related to Account and once you create a contract from SFDC (from that Account) Contact will be available for selection in CLM. Account info is mapped to CLM customer Object.   

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