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New Contract 

CLM's Contract Negotiation Space provides a variety of options to create and manage contracts, including the ability to redline content, create alerts, control the confidentiality of a contract, and maintain revisions.  You can also edit your contracts offline, using Microsoft Word ®.

Administrators configure CLM to simulate the approval process that your organization uses to progress a contract from start to finish. Once the approval process is configured, CLM automatically progresses the contract through various stages based on the configuration.  

To create a new contract, select New Contract on the side panel:

  • Create from Template (Standard Contract): Select this option to create a contract using a pre-existing template. Standard Contracts use predefined templates with boilerplate contract information that is pre-approved by your organization. Templates are uploaded by the administrator and are available based on your role and permissions. 
  • Upload from Template (Non-Standard Contract): Select this option to upload your own template. Non-standard Contracts use the template that you upload. The approval process and other configuration settings are based on the contract type that you select during upload.  

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