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Reassign Contracts Assigned to Inactive Users

You may need to deactivate a user account if the user is no longer associated with the organization or is temporarily unavailable for any reason. When a user account is deactivated, all the contract tasks that were assigned to the user will automatically be listed here. You can easily reassign the contracts to another user.

The user to who the contracts are assigned will be notified via email.  

To reassign a contract:

  1. Click Setup > Users > Reassign.
  2. Click Reassign to view a list of all the contracts assigned to that user. You can also conduct a search to filter the list.
  3. In the User field, enter the username or email address of the user to who the contract must be assigned. 
  4. Click Reassign next to a contract to assign that contract to the user or click Reassign All to assign all the contracts to the user. 

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