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Salesforce Integration 

CLM-Salesforce integration allows users to leverage CRM data to make informed decisions and manage contract negotiations efficiently. This section describes steps to install a salesforce package and configure the two applications for integration. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What types of objects are captured in Salesforce?
    There are two types of objects in Salesforce
    Standard Object
    Custom Object

    Standard Objects are objects provided by and include objects such as accounts, contacts, opportunities, leads, products, users, contracts, reports, and the dashboard.

    CLM supports standard objects which can be mapped to SFDC at the Account, Contact, Contract Opportunity, Quote, and Quote Line Item entity.

    See URLs listed below for additional information on standard opportunity, contract, contact, and account fields in SFDC:
    Opportunity Fields:
    Contract Fields:
    Contact Fields:
    Account Fields:

    Custom objects store information that is unique to your organization such as, custom fields, page layouts, relationship to other objects in SFDC, and the custom user interface tab.

    Note: The SFDC-CLM integration can be used to map standard objects with custom fields created in SFDC. However, it cannot be used to map custom objects with custom fields.

  • Is Single Sign On (SSO) provided as part of the SFDC-CLM integration?

    Yes, SSO is a part of the SFDC-CLM integration. When you create a contract after integration, CLM is accessible through a web window similar to an i-frame. You can proceed with your task without having to log in.

  • How do I attach the final contract to account via custom attachments object?

    You can use any of the following options to attach the final contract to account using custom attachments object:

    Send Attachments to SFDC: You must specify which salesforce Entity to attach the executed document. This option will always attach the document also on the SFDC account, besides the entity you choose.
    Send finalized Attachment to SFDC Contract object:The Second option will send only finalized attachment to the SFDC contract object if the contract salesforce entity is selected in salesforce mappings.

  • How do I access CLM through SFDC without using the contracts object?

    We can access CLM through SFDC from Account and Opportunity by clicking on New Contract, and also from SFDC Contract to edit existing contracts in SFDC.