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Field Categories Tab

A Field Category is a group of related custom fields.  These fields are inserted as placeholders in the contract type template to capture specific data, such as  $age, $customer_name, $start_date and so on.  You can associate field categories with a contract type and specify which custom fields must be available to the users when creating or editing the contracts.

CLM will automatically display actual values (if available) in the Negotiation Space. Users who have required permissions can update the field values in Negotiation Space Details. 

To add field categories to a contract type:
  1. Click Contracts > Contract Types. Click the edit icon to update an existing contract or click Add New to add field categories to a new contract type. 
  2. Click the Field Categories tab.
  3. Select required field categories from Available Field Categories. Selected field categories are listed in Selected Field Categories and are available to users if they have required permissions. 
  4. In the Selected Field Categories, click on the icon next to a custom field category to add custom fields. Only selected custom fields are available to users.
  5. Click Save.

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