Workflow Tab

CLM enables you to define an approval workflow for each contract type and then reuse the workflow if required, by copying it into other contract types. To define a workflow, you must add a contract type, create workflow actions, specify the start and end status for the actions, and authorize users to perform the actions. You can choose from predefined action types, create a quick action, and also configure an auto action to send data to external applications such as CPQ, C4C, NetSuite, or Salesforce.

To configure a workflow for a contract type:

  1. Click Contracts > Contract Types in the side panel. Click the edit icon to update an existing contract, or click Add New to configure a workflow for a new contract type.
  2. Click the Workflow tab: 
    • Click Add Workflow Action to configure a new workflow. 
    • Click Edit to update an existing workflow.
    • Click Copy Workflow to copy the workflow from the current contract type to other contract types.
    • Click Graph View or Table View to toggle between the views. The views provide a quick snapshot of the entire workflow.  
  3. Provide information in these panels which display based on the Action Type you select:
  1. Click Save.

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