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Status Category 

A status category displays on the dashboard and represents a group of statuses.  You can create different status categories and group corresponding statuses under a status category.  

For example, the In Review  status category can comprise the following statuses:

  • In Review by Legal
  • In Review by Finance

In this case, the In Review status category displays a total of all contracts in both statuses on the dashboard. 

You can also organize the display order of the status categories. The categories appear is the selected order on the dashboard.

Click Contracts Status Category to view a list of existing status categories. You can perform these actions on this page: 

  • Search: Enter a search key in the Search field to search for a status. CLM displays results matching your search key.
  • Create: Click Create to create a new status. See Create New Status Category for details.
  • Edit: Click Edit to edit a status. 
  • Delete: Click Delete to delete a status category. You cannot delete a status category if it has statuses. 

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