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Users with Delegate Rights

As an administrator, you can grant a CLM user the right to add an approval to the workflow. If an approval was overlooked when the workflow was originally created, the designated CLM user (i.e. approval delegator) can add an approval to the workflow to complete the negotiation process. This functionality obviates the need for the administrator to modify the workflow in order to add approvers. The approval delegator can create the workflow action and also delegate the right to execute the workflow action to another user (i.e. the delegated user). Note that the approval delegator can also still execute the workflow action. This feature also enables CLM users to complete the workflow action even when the original assignees are unavailable or out of office. 

Below example shows user Megan Boss being added as an approval delegator. Megan Boss now has the right to delegate the workflow action to another CLM user (delegated user) who can perform the same workflow action as Megan Boss. Megan Boss can also still perform the workflow action.  

To delegate rights to add a workflow action to another user:

  1. Click Contracts > Contract Type. Click the edit icon to update an existing contract or click Add New to add delegated users to a new contract type. 
  2. Click Users With Delegate Rights.
  3. Select the email template to use to Send Email after executing Delegate Action to the approval delegator. 
  4. Select the email template to use to Send Email after removing Delegated User after approval rights have been removed. 
  5. Select Send delegated user to Salesforce to allow delegated user communication between Salesforce and CLM. 
  6. Type in the name or email address of the approval delegator. The approval delegator obtains the right to delegate and can create an approval for another CLM user.
  7. Click Save.

NoteThe approval delegator’s user account needs to be created and be set as Active prior to this action. 

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