About SAP Portal User Types

SAP Portal supports three types of Portal Users:

  • Incentive Management participants
  • Internal (non-participant)
  • Admin User

A Incentive Management participant is a individual payee or organization assigned to a variable Incentive plan in Incentive Management. Incentive Management administrators create payees in Incentive Management, and Incentive Management stores the data in the Incentive Management Repository. Incentive Management Administrators transfer the data to the Analytics Database, where it is used by SAP Sales Cloud web applications, such as Reporting and Analytics.

Incentive Management participants access their Incentives and other reports by way of SAP Portal and associated applications. Participants who are managers can also view reports for their subordinates.

An internal user, such as a Incentive administrator or report administrator, is not a Incentive Management payee. Internal users access SAP Portal and the associated applications to view, publish, and administer reports, and perform other administration tasks.

There are generally three kinds of internal users:

  • Administrators of SAP Portal
  • Administrators of Reporting & Analytics or Incentive Management
  • Proxy users