Adding a Proxy User

You can set up a proxy user, if required. If you want to change your proxy user, delete the current one and add a different user. A proxy user can perform any tasks within the applications that you have access to, except that a proxy user is not allowed to update your My Profile information.

Note: If your SAP Portal implementation is set up in pure trusted mode (without a user store), the proxy user feature is not unavailable.

Note: Be sure that your Portal Administrator has created an account on the user store for your intended proxy user and granted you access to manage your proxy relationships.

To add a proxy user:

  1. Navigate to User Administration -> Users
  2. Select or Click a user from Users folder
  3. In Proxy Relationships pane, under My Proxies area click Add. The Add Proxy screen displays. 
  4. Specify the user ID of the intended proxy user. You can search for a LDAP user. 
    • For Example: Enter in the userID of "BWhite" for Barry White.
  5. In the Effective Dates fields, enter today's date as the start date and enter the date two weeks from now as the end date. 
    • To specify the effective dates during which the user can access your data, specify start and end dates for the Effective Dates. For example, if you are going on vacation for three weeks and you need the proxy user to monitor your data during that time, specify the period of time that you will be gone.
  6. In the Data Access fields, specify the first of the year as the start date, and the same end date as above.
    • To specify the effective dates of the data that the user can view when logging into your account, specify the Data Access effective dates. For example, if you are going on vacation for three weeks but you want your proxy user to see the year-to-date data, specify the start date as the first of the year.
  7. Click Submit.