SAP Portal Proxy Users

A proxy user is a user who either you or the SAP Portal administrator assigns to your account who can access your reports. Proxy users cannot update a user's View My Profile.

For example, assume that Diane Rinck is the executive assistant to Janet Haas who is a Vice-President. After the proxy relationship is established in SAP Portal, Diane Rinck will have access to everything (applications, reports, folders) that Janet Haas can access on SAP Portal.

The same user can be assigned as a proxy user for multiple accounts, and each user can have multiple proxy users.

Both the source user and the proxy user must be defined as users on an LDAP-enabled user store so that SAP Portal can retrieve the group information of the source users. Even in deployment scenarios where SAP Portal is deployed in trusted mode to accept pre-authenticated users via a cookie or http header, the user and group information of the source user must be available from an LDAP-enabled user store.

Note: If your SAP Portal implementation is set up in pure trusted mode (without a user store), proxy users are unavailable.

After accessing SAP Portal, the proxy user can assume the identity of the source user. This is an all or nothing deal where the proxy user gains all the privileges of the source user. However, the proxy user will not be able to modify the personal profile of the source user.