Searching for an LDAP User

When adding a proxy user, you can search the LDAP user store for the desired user ID.

You can search for a user by the User ID, first name, or last name. You can use the asterisk (*) wildcard character to expand your search criteria.

To search for a LDAP user:

  1. From the Add Proxy screen, click the Search button (to the right of the Proxy User field). The Find User screen displays.
  2. Enter the desired search criteria and click Submit. You can search by multiple search criteria, if desired. For example, if you search for "*a*" in both the User ID and first name fields, SAP Portal returns a list of users that have both an "a" in their user ID and their first name. SAP Portal lists the retrieved list of users. 
  3. Click a user to specify it as a proxy user. SAP Portal returns you to the Add Proxies screen and populates the User ID field with the selected user.