Emailing Callidus Reporting & Analytics Reports

You can email a Callidus Reporting & Analytics (Reporting &Analytics) report to someone who has access to Callidus Reporting & Analytics. You can also email multiple reports at a time to the same recipient. The recipient receives one email per report.

Integrated email notification allows the user to customize the email content. The Administrator gets a notification when a report generation is complete. Individual participants get notifications when their compensation statements are ready for review and there is an option to turn off these notifications from workflow process definition in Portal.

In the subject line and message body, you can select placeholders to add to the email. If you select these, they are converted to the actual values when you send the email. The placeholder choices are as follows:

Placeholder NameDescriptionPlaceholder Text
TitleReport Title%SI_NAME%
IDReport ID
OwnerReport Owner
DateTimeTime of Email Send
Email AddressEmail address of sender%SI_EMAIL_ADDRESS%
User Full NameFull Name of sender (from Callidus Portal My Profile)

Note: The placeholders are not case-sensitive. 

To email a Callidus Reporting & Analytics report:
  1. Navigate to the directory that contains the report
  2. Click the check box next to the report name.
  3. Click Send To > Email in the InfoView toolbar. The Send screen displays
  4. Deselect Use the Job Server's defaults.
  5. Enter the following:
  • From, To, CC: Enter the email addresses for sender and recipients.
  • Subject: Enter a subject line for the email. You can pick a placeholder item to populate the subject line, if desired. For example, to put the title of the report in the subject line, select Title. Callidus Reporting & Analytics populates the subject line with "%SI_NAME%". This will be populated with the report title upon sending the email.
  • Message: Enter the message, as desired. You can pick a placeholder item, from the list to the right of the text field.

Note: You must manually enter the placeholder of "%SI_VIEWER_URL%" (no quotes) so that the report is actually included with the email. 

  • You can add attachments if you are sending a Desktop Intelligence report (instead of a Web Intelligence report). See the BusinessObjects documentation for further information (
  1. Click Submit to send the report.
  • When the recipient opens the email, they can click the URL that is generated. They then can either log in to Callidus Portal or, if they are already logged in, they go directly to the report. The report opens in a new window.