• Overview of Reporting & Analysis


Overview of Callidus Reporting & Analytics

Callidus Reporting & Analytics capitalizes on your sales compensation data to provide strategic business insight across the enterprise. As the system of record for your sales and channel compensation, the Sales Performance Universe is one of the richest and most accurate sources of information about your business. Callidus Reporting & Analytics transforms that compensation information into strategic knowledge that can be used to drive your business to higher levels of performance and profitability.

Sales Executives can use Callidus Reporting & Analytics to:
  • Analyze Sales Performance by Region, Team, Product, or Channel
  • Examine Customer Growth
  • Monitor sales incentive costs
  • Detect trends in business performance
Marketing Executives can use Callidus Reporting & Analytics to:
  • Analyze market segments
  • Determine product success by channel and/or segment
  • Analyze channel effectiveness
Compensation Professionals can use Callidus Reporting & Analytics to:
  • Analyze compensation plan effectiveness
  • Understand attainment distributions
  • Gauge the impact of new incentive programs
Callidus Reporting & Analytics provides you:
  • Crystal reports that can be customized using rule-based configuration including the list of measurements and credit types.
  • Crystal reports that are SQL based, can be published in .pdf and .xls format and they can be merged in Portable Document Format (.pdf) format using "MergePDF" option.
  • Drag-and-drop creation of management reports or queries.
  • Slicing and dicing across relevant dimensions and facts for analysis.
  • Drilling from summary to detail.
Callidus Reporting & Analytics helps you design, develop, and deploy reports. It also maintains a repository to keep track of your enterprise metrics, reports, and report delivery. In Global Home Page, all instances of Crystal reports can be accessed from "My Reports" bin in Report folder and WebI reports can be saved using the "Save As" functionality.

After an administrator installs Callidus Reporting & Analytics, you can connect to it from any computer that has a Web browser and access to Callidus Portal. Callidus Reporting & Analytics is preconfigured to work with the Sales Performance Universe, enabling you to quickly analyze sales and incentive information from summary to detail.