Shared Dimensions

In general, you can access data that is within the same class. However, if you want to use data from different classes, you must use data that is shared between the classes. For example, you can analyze Incentive and Deposit because Plan Name is used by both classes. In database terms, data that is shared between object types is referred to as a shared dimension. You cannot, however, analyze the Processing Unit, Incentive, and Bucket because there is no data that is common to all three data types (no shared dimension).

For example, for the following classes, the following shared dimensions exist:

Classes Shared Dimensions 
Product, RevenueProduct Name 
Customer, Revenue
Customer Name 
Incentive, Plan
Plan Name 

NoteIf you want to create a report or query that traces individual rows of data from multiple TrueComp (Compensation Management) results data, such as a trace from credit, measurement, incentive, deposit, and payment, you need to use TrueInformation to build that report. Callidus Reporting & Analytics (Reporting & Analytics) works with aggregate data values, rather than tracing across multiple object values.