Updated on 7/8/2019
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Release Notes

Next Release: 1908
UAT: 07/28/2019
Production: 08/11/2019
Note: From the 1902 release onwards, there will be only 2 upgrades per release cycle.

API Documentation

You can access the API documentation via the following URLs:

    https://{4 letter moniker}-{environment}.callidusondemand.com/APIDocument/index.html
    For example: https://cald-dev.callidusondemand.com/APIDocument/index.html

    https://{4 letter moniker}-{environment}.callidusondemand.com/APIDocument/odata/index.html
    For example: https://cald-dev.callidusondemand.com/APIDocument/odata/index.html

Note The URLs are for example purposes only and will not return any results.