Quick Start Guide ยป Using the Documentation Portal


Using the Documentation Portal

Quick Links


Finding Topics

The documentation portal provides main navigational features: 

  • Navigational Links: These represent the Previous and Next topics in the Table of Contents, located under the print icon at the top of every topic.
  • Table of Contents: Tree of topic nodes on the left panel.
  • Quick Links: When present, Quick Links are located under the topic title and link to subtopics within or under the current topic.
  • Related Articles: Located at the bottom of the page when the topic has important related articles.
  • Inline Links: Links to important related articles are sometimes found in the body of a topic.
  • Search: Use the Search feature to quickly access a list of relevant articles based on your keywords.

If you enter the portal using a help icon from within your product's application, you will automatically navigate to the respective article. From there, you can access navigate to other articles using the above methods. 

The TOC nodes can be expanded or collapsed and provide additional or fewer topic titles. Many topics contain subtopic levels with important related information and not all subtopics will have a placeholder in the TOC.

To maximize your ability to find related articles about a specific topic, we recommend using the search engine at the top of your page. Enter keywords to display a list of related articles in the current product, or other available products. When you click the Search Entire Portal link, we display a results page that you can filter by product:

Continuous Updates

SAP Sales Cloud's Engineering Documentation team is dedicated to updating the content in this portal upon each new release, to include new features and changes to your user experience. Between releases, we will publish intermittent updates to improve existing articles. We are also actively working on migrating existing content, and generating new content for other SAP Sales Cloud products. 

At the time we launch new documentation for a product, you can expect it will deliver with a certain number of articles that are under development. This enables us to deliver you the latest information quicker, as we continue to develop other articles.

We will display this banner on articles that are targeted for priority development: 

Formatting Conventions

The following table describes the global formatting conventions used in the SAP Sales Cloud Documentation Portal.

Bold TextBoldface text represents objects such as buttons, menu items, and field names.  
Example: Click Save
Italic Text 
Italic text indicates confirmation, warning, error messages, and user input.  
Example 1Error saving event. Check start date.  
Example 2: Enter Jane Doe in the Name field. 
Courier Font 
The Courier font represents Syntax and Methods.  
Example: Use the Contact attribute: account_system_id to set the account to contact. 
Navigation  >For brevity, we use  >  to indicate navigation.  
Example: From the left panel, select Create > New
WarningsFor information with warning or caution, we use:  

NotesFor general information, we use:  

Important Notes             

For information of high importance, we use:

NoticesFor notices, we use:  

Code SamplesWe display code samples in code windows: