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About Versioning 

Territory and Quota enables you to create multiple versions of a record so you can manage various changes over time. Each version can contain distinct information that is valid for the record at different points in time. Depending on the view date you select within the application, we display the appropriate record version.

Effective dates indicate when a record becomes available in the application and the period of time for which the version is valid or effective. Effective dates appear at the bottom of the Details view on a record.

We provide the versioning feature for these types of records:

  • Accounts

  • Account Classifier Hierarchies

  • Participants

  • Positions

  • Products

  • Territory Programs

  • Titles

The Manage Versions feature enables you to switch between different versions so you can view or change information. To view, add, delete, or edit a version, click the Manage Versions icon on the header of the Details panel.

Use New Version to create a new version. If you create a version that overlaps all or part of an existing version or versions, or if you remove a middle version, we automatically adjust the remaining versions to support a continuous representation of the object over time.

Use Delete Version to remove the selected version.

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