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Account Assignment Rules

Territory and Quota enables you to automatically assign accounts to territories based on custom rules. Within the Territory Program, you can automate the assignment of accounts to roll-up level territories. The process of automating accounts utilizes a simple rule, which you can define for each territory to suit your requirement. These rules promote matching based on a custom account attribute, or by a node or branch in an Account Classifier Hierarchy.

T&Q supports a single matching criterion and the rules are inherited by a child territory from its parent territory by successive levels of filtering. For example, if a parent territory has a rule that assigns any accounts in California, and the child territory has a rule that assigns any accounts in the Communications vertical, then accounts are allocated only to the child territory that exists for both California and Communications. Auto-assignment on rep-level (leaf) territories is not allowed. 

When you re-run the account allocation process, all rules are executed again, and all manual assignments are removed from the roll-up level territory and replaced by account assignments that match the assignment rule.

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