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Custom Account Attributes 

Account Attributes are used to associate different sets of optional values with accounts within the application. When you create a new attribute, it automatically appears as a field with a drop-down list of all account records. You can use these attributes to define how accounts are assigned to the different branches of the territory hierarchy. Account attributes are defined as pick lists that you populate with predefined values that you can assign to accounts. Users can only select from the values you predefine.

Click Territory Admin > Account AttributesTerritory and Quota displays a table with a list of all existing entities and the following options:




Create a new entity.


Copy an entity.


Upload a spreadsheet to add entity data. You cannot update existing entity information using this feature.


Download a spreadsheet that contains data for all existing entities.


Delete an entity.

Click on a record to view details. 

Create New Account Attribute

To create a new Account Attribute, go to Territory Admin > Account Attributes:
  1. Click the Create icon on the Custom Account Attributes panel header.
  2. Scroll to the bottom panel to add details about the attribute.
  3. Enter a unique name for the attribute.
  4. Click Save. Territory and Quota displays the Attribute Values editor.
  5. Click the Add Value icon and add predefined attribute values in the popup window.
  6. Save the attribute value.

Use the Edit Value icon to change the name, and use the Delete Value icon to delete the predefined value.

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