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The Accounts feature enables you to define your current, past, and potential customers. Accounts can have relationships with other accounts, allowing you to model large and complex organizations. For example, you can define a parent Account with multiple sites that you may ship to or other business units that you do business with. In these cases, you may want to define site-based targets for the account. Once created, you can add Accounts to a Territory Program where you can associate products and allocate them to positions.

You can filter the list of accounts by entering a keyword in the Search box or by selecting a date from the date picker. You can also use the Advanced Search feature to create more complex search queries.

Territory and Quota provides a set of standard fields by default and you can also configure Account Attributes to capture additional information, based on your needs.

Click Territory Admin > AccountsTerritory and Quota displays a list of all existing entities and the following options:




Create an new entity.


Copy an entity.


Upload a spreadsheet to add entity data. You cannot update existing entity information using this feature.


Download a spreadsheet that contains data for all existing entities.


Delete an entity.
Template Download a template spreadsheet to populate data that you can later upload. 

Click on an account record to view details. You can also edit the details of a record,  delete the record, or access record versions. 

Table and Tree Views

Click Territory Admin > Accounts to view the list of existing accounts in Table View. Click on the Tree View link in the Accounts header to view the list of accounts .You can click the respective icon on the header of the table to change the view.

Both views enable you to perform the same functions with the following differences:
  • Table View: Displays the list with the most recently added account at the top
  • Tree View: Displays an Expand icon next to the account ID that you can use to view accounts with a parent-child relationship in a hierarchical view

Create New Account

Territory and Quota enables you to create a single account or an account hierarchy. An account hierarchy consists of a parent account with child accounts.

To create a new Account entity, click Territory Admin > Accounts 

  1. Click the Create icon on the Accounts panel header.
  2. Scroll to the bottom panel and add the necessary account details. You must provide a unique Account ID value at a minimum.
  3. For a parent account, leave the Parent field empty. For a child account, select the appropriate parent account from the Parent field. 
  4. Click Save to create the account.

Note: When you create a child account, the effective dates must coincide with the effective dates on the parent account.

Account Versions

Territory and Quota enables you to create multiple versions of a record so you can manage various changes over time. Each version can contain distinct information that is valid for the record at different points in time. Depending on the view date you select within the application, the appropriate record version is displayed.
Effective dates indicate when a record becomes available in the application and the period of time for which the version is valid or effective. Effective dates appear at the bottom of the Details view on a record.

Versioning is available for these types of records:
  • Accounts
  • Account Classifier Hierarchies
  • Participants
  • Positions
  • Products
  • Territory Programs
  • Titles
The Manage Versions feature enables you to switch between different versions so you can view or change information. To view, add, delete, or edit a version, click the Manage Versions icon on the header of the Details panel.

Use the New Version icon to create a new version. If you create a version that overlaps all or part of an existing version or versions, or if you remove a middle version, the remaining versions are automatically adjusted to support a continuous representation of the object over time.

Use the Delete Version icon to remove the selected version.

Multiple Account Selection and Launch Workflow

The purpose of this feature is to assign a certain number of accounts to the user for a given period. To allocate the Accounts, the Administrator/Manager can select multiple accounts, launch the workflow and select appropriate actions in the model pop-up and submit for approval. The user can check the email/SMS notification through My Inbox and perform the action if he can reach the target.

 Steps for Multiple Account Selection and Launch Workflow:

  1. Go to Accounts > Accounts List Workspace
  2. Click on the checkbox and select multiple accounts.
  3. Click on Launch workflow tab.
  4. Select the Position/Workflow action/ Description from the drop-down model pop-up and submit.
  5. The user with Administrator/Manager rights can reject the targets if he cannot reach the target within a given period through My Inbox.

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