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The Accounts feature enables you to define your current, past, and potential customers. Accounts can have relationships with other accounts, allowing you to model large and complex organizations. For example, you can define a parent Account with multiple sites that you may ship to or other business units that you do business with. In these cases, you may want to define site-based targets for the account. Once created, you can add Accounts to a Territory Program where you can associate products and allocate them to positions.

CDL supports Territory & Quota for the accounts workspace. The inbound file transfer is available, where you have to upload the data to Territory & Quota application.

The Territory Admin > Accounts menu includes the following options:


Account Team tab must let you choose fields from Positions, Participants

The administrator can select additional columns from other tables to view the 'Account Team' tab of the Accounts workspace that allows to view the additional information in one place rather than to navigate between several workspaces.

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