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AI for Territory Alignments

T&Q leverages AI recommendations to make territory alignment more transparent, ensuring that sales resources are allocated strategically. T&Q uses the AI recommendation engines to provide a way to suggest optimal territory alignments that are balanced within a regional context by leveraging account properties and other available data and applying user-specified model constraints. T&Q also supports custom constraints.

AI detects the pattern based on predefined inputs, which are default values specified by an administrator or adjusted versions of the parameters, and then predicts the outcome. The result of the model is a scenario that evenly balances all the accounts owned by the region territory. The sales managers can view the difference between current and proposed scenarios, and accept or reject individual recommendations from the scenario.

Territory Alignment Balancing Model inputs include:
  • Region (non-leaf territory)
  • Direct children territories (for that region)
  • Associate alignments for that region including existing alignments in the child territories (for churn calculations).

Note:  Contact SAP Support to enable AI for your tenant.