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Targets Tab

The Targets tab allows you to configure one or more quota target types for a Territory Program. You must first set Target Types and then associate them with a Territory Program. Target types define the measures that you will use to calculate quota. You can associate any number of target types to a Territory Program so that administrators and managers can set quota values for various targets. For example, you might need to set quotas for participants based on sales revenue, as well as new customer accounts. The Territory and Quota application relies on target types to classify historical transaction data, as well as opportunity data, for the purpose of suggesting quotas. 

The Derived Quota feature allows one quota target’s value to be derived from the value of another quota target. For example, if your organization tracks quota targets both for New Bookings and Services, but the Services target is set (by default) to a percentage of the New Bookings target, then the Derived Quotas feature can be used to streamline the setting of these types of quota targets. You need to decide whether or not Sales Managers will be allowed to assign targets that are different from the default calculated values.

The Targets tab displays the parent target for any derived target, as well as the default % that will be used to automatically calculate the derived quota value from its parent. This can be done in bulk by choosing the Run Calculation action from the Territory Programs Detail tab.

Derived Quotas can also be set or reset for individual territories by choosing the Reset to System calculated Values (for bottom-up Territory Programs), or the Reset to Default Derived Values (for top-down Territory Programs) actions from the respective Quota Allocation screen. If at any point the Sales Manager reverts to the original value, then for Top-Down Territory Program, the manager can click on the Reset to Default Derived Values button to reset the pending value, and then distribute the changed quota.

To add a target type:
  1. Click Add and select the desired type.
  2. Based on the target type you selected, select the appropriate unit type:
  • USD
  • Percent
  • Integer
  • Quantity
    3. Select the Parent target and Default %When quota calculation runs, this percentage is applied to the parent value to calculate the secondary target.

    4. Select the Allow Managers to adjust default quota value option to allow Sales Managers to choose a value different from the default value calculated by the application.

If the Program allows the Sales Managers to adjust the derived quota value, then any distribution mechanism can be used to change the pending quota value for a derived target. The value can also be set manually and locks are applied if the value is set manually. 

Note: If an Administrator performs a Run Calculation operation after Sales Managers have adjusted Derived Quota values, the Pending values for those Derived Quotas are reset to the system calculated values. 

    3. Click Save.

You can add any number of target types to a Territory Program. To remove a target type from the program, select the target type from the list and click Delete. To edit a target type, click on the target type name in the list and apply your changes.

For each target type you configure on a territory, a line item is displayed in the Manage Quotas section on the Territory Tree tab where you can propose a target value.

 Note: After you distribute quotas, you can no longer edit or delete associated targets on the program. 

Hide Unused Targets

The administrator can hide Targets that are not relevant to a specific territory using the Quota tab of each Territory so that managers and representatives are not confused by irrelevant targets. If a target hid for a parent territory, this target must hide for all related child territories. However, if needed administrator must unhide targets for specific child territories.

The Manager or Sales Representative cannot see any hidden Targets in the Quota tab nor the Quota Allocation screen, and in the Quota breakdown screen either.