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Detail Tab

When you open an existing Territory Program, the Detail tab displays a summary of the territory program and allows you to update some of the program values. You can change only the following field values after creating a program:
  • Name: Name of the Territory Program.
  • Business Units: Organizational Subgroups which have access to the Territory Program. Business Units are defined using the SAP Commissions application. See SAP Commissions Administrator Online Help for more details.
  • Geography Hierarchy
  • Program Status:
  • Active - Planning: This is the default program status. This status indicates that the Territory Program is actively being constructed. In this stage, a Territory Program is visible to administrators, but not managers or sales reps.
  • Active - Open: The state when primary setup and planning is complete. The program is visible within the sales UI. You can distribute a program when it's in this status.
  • Active - Closed: The state of a program that has been distributed. The program is visible within the sales UI, but it is locked for changes. Administrators can make changes to the program, but sales users can only initiate workflow change requests and analyze data in this status. Quota adjustments, account changes, and other modifications can be made by sales staff only if the program is unlocked. Programs need to be distributed to be visible by non-admins. You can distribute a program when it's in this status.
  • Archived: The program is no longer visible in the sales UI, however, the program is visible to administrators if Show Archived checkbox is selected when conducting a search in the Territory Program page.
  • Quota Allocation Dimensions attributes:
  • Account
  • Product
  • Period
  • Period Type
  • Program Options: Select the checkbox to enable the setting.
  • Allow Managers To Adjust Historical Data
  • Use Adjusted Data For Year Over Year Growth Calculations
  • Allow Multiple Positions Per Territory (Splits): Uses split territories. Allows a single territory to be assigned to more than one position as a team. Admins and Managers can assign multiple positions to a territory
    and can define a split percent for each position. Managers may only assign a direct subordinate to a territory that they manage.
  • Require Split Territories To Add Up To 100%: Ensures managers do not inadvertently over assign split percentages to the positions in a territory. If all participants will receive 100% credit for business in that territory, then it is not necessary to select this option.
  • Require A New Version For Changes To Distributed Territories: Allows users to manipulate effective dates for territories, and territory alignments. When editing territories and territory alignments, users can save the changes as a new version, which allows the user to specify a new set of effective dates for when the changes that should take effect. Select this option if you want the changes made to territories (by managers in distributed territories) to be saved as a new version.
  • Allow managers to edit rules: Allows managers to edit alignmnet rules. 
  • Allow managers to create scenario: Allows managers to create scenarious for territory palnning.
  • Quota Allocation Dimensions: Select Account, Product, or period.
    • The following options are available:
    • Distribute: Distributes the program. Once distributed, any associated targets on the program may not be edited or deleted. 
    • Bulk Distribute: Once distributed, all targets are reset, and you can no longer edit or delete any associated targets on the program. You can bulk distribute either Base territory quotas, or Overlay territory quotas. The quota distribution process for overlay territories always follows a top-down process. 
    • More: Includes the following menu items:
      • Manage Versions: Enables you to edit program details.
      • Extract Quotas: Enables you to export quota versions and quota levels. 
      • Run Calculation: Enables you to execute the calculation for either Base territories or Overlays. When Overlay is selected, the action assigns to the pending quota value of the overlay, the sum of all current quota values for associated base territories.
      • Run Account Allocation: Enables you to execute account allocation.  Account Allocation automatically assigns alignments (Accounts, Products, Geographies) to Overlay Territories based on the alignments assigned to all underlying Territories that the Overlay Territory covers. To automatically align objects to an Overlay Territory, click More> Run Account Allocation > Overlay on the Territory Program Detail tab. The Run Account Allocation process for base Territories only aligns Accounts to those Territories but for Overlay Territories the process aligns Accounts, Products, and Geographies.
    To limit the scope of accounts that will be considered by the Run Account Allocation Job when used to align accounts to Base Territories, select:
    • All Accounts
    • New Accounts (as of a specified date)
    • Modified Accounts (as of a specified date)
    This governs which accounts the Account Allocation Job will evaluate for alignment to Territories in the Territory Program which have Account Alignment Rules specified.
    • Delete: Deletes program.
    • Save: Saves any changes made on the current page.

      Note: Once a program is distributed, you can no longer edit or delete associated targets on the program.  

      Name fields must be linked to detail

      The Administrator and Manager can click on a field like a Participant in the Territory Program Team table that shows full details of the Participant that is quickly viewed additional relevant information without having to switch to another workspace.