Territory and Quota provides a geography dimension that can be used to create detailed territory definitions. Geographies give administrators and sales managers an extra layer of flexibility in segmenting their business. Administrators can create geographical hierarchies, associate them with a territory program, and then assign geographies to territories and even track historical sales performance at a geographic-level.

Geographies can be managed as a hierarchy and can be customized to suit your requirements. For example, your organization may rely on Geographies that use a simple region, country, state, and county metaphor, while other organizations may choose to focus on zip codes or branch locations.

Click Territory Admin > Geographies. Territory and Quota displays a table with a list of all existing geographies and the following options:




Create a new geography. 


Copy a geography. 


Upload a spreadsheet to add geography data. You cannot update information for existing entities using this feature. 


Download a spreadsheet that contains data for all, or selected existing geography or 
download a template with the expected data required to successfully upload a geography.  


Delete a geography.

Click on a Geography to manage the hierarchy. 

Create New Geography

To create a new geography, go to Territory Admin > Geographies. T&Q displays a set of all existing Geographies. You can add a new Geography, or manage an existing one. Once a Geography has been defined, it can be used in the creation of a Territory Program. Select a Geography in the Geographies workspace to manage the hierarchy. 

To create a new Geography:
  1. Go to Territory Admin > Geography and do one of the following:
  • Click Create in the Geographies panel header and add these details: 
    • Enter a name and description for the Geography.
    • Enter the effective start and end date.
  • Click Upload on the Geography panel header and upload the spreadsheet that contains the geography hierarchy data. 

     2. Save the new Geography.  Once you save, you cannot change the effective date values.

     3. To add a Hierarchy, click the Hierarchy tab and add the following details:

  • Name: Enter the name of the geography hierarchy.
  • Description: Enter a brief description of the hierarchy.
  • Parent: Search for and select the parent.
  • Effective Start and End Date: Enter or select the effective start and end date.

You cannot delete a Geography if it is used in a Territory Program.

Only one Geography can be assigned to a Territory Program and it cannot be updated after creating the Territory Program. Territory Programs can also use geographies as a dimension to create granular quotas.

Once a geography has been associated with a Territory Program, any node from within that Geography hierarchy can be assigned to a territory within that program.

Geography can be used as a dimension for calculating historical results. The Historical Data section includes a column for Geography. In order for a historical transaction to be considered relevant to a given territory, that territory’s definition must include the same Account, Product, and Geography as the transaction. Any level of a Geography hierarchy (or no Geography at all) can be used as an entry in the Historical Transactions table, however, you must ensure that transactions intended for association with a given territory definition are counted only once. 

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