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Historical Sales

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Territory and Quota provides the Historical Data feature where you can load actual aggregated and forecasted sales data. You can then utilize this information in the quota and target setting process.

You can download a template from in the Historical Data page and populate it with historical and forecasted data. The data needs to be aggregated by the associated account, period, and target type. Only one value is stored for each account, period, and target type. When historical sales refer to more than one target type, you need to load one line item for each type.

You can upload, sort, search for, and delete data in this workspace. Additionally, you can purge and reload all historical data if you need to reset the values.

To access the workspace, click  Territory Admins > Data > Historical Sales.

Upload Historical Data

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To upload historical data, go to Territory Admin > Historical Data and complete the following steps:

  1. Download the template.
  2. Open the template and populate the values. See the Notes tab on the template for basic instructions and examples. All fields on the template are required:
    • Account: Enter the Account ID.
    • Product: Enter the Product ID.
    • Period.Name: Enter the name of the period. This must be a leaf period.
    • Period.Calendar: Enter the name of the period calendar.
    • TargetType: Enter the name of the target type.
    • Unit Type: Enter the name of the unit type.
    • Value: Enter the actual or forecasted sales value.
  3. Save the template and return to the Historical Data workspace.
  4. Open the data loader.
  5. Click Choose File and then select the template you wish to upload.
  6. Click Upload. Territory and Quota then displays a link to the Job Summary page. Click on the link to view the status of the upload process. If the process resulted in errors, a downloadable report which includes information about the errors is provided.

Note: You must use the upload feature to load the data. Manual entry for this feature is not supported.

Purge Historical Data

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Territory and Quota enables you to delete one or more historic line items at the same time. You can also purge, or clear all data in the table and then reload the data if necessary.

  • To delete a line item, select the item and click the  Delete icon.
  • To delete multiple line items, hold your CTRL key and select the items you want to delete, then click the Delete icon.
  • To select all line items, check the checkbox near the Historical Data header, then click Delete.

Note: We recommend that you continue to save and maintain your historical sales data offline. The Download option is not available for this feature. 

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search feature enables you to create more complex search queries. You can select one of the parameters and compare it to a value you enter, or an available value for the field. For example, you can select Last Modified equals 07/15/2017 to return a list of all items that were last modified on that day.

The following operators are available, depending on the parameter you choose:
  • Matches
  • Does not match
  • Equals
  • Not equals
  • Less than
  • Less than or equals
  • Greater than
  • Greater than or equals

You can construct additional queries and further refine your search:
  • Match all conditions: Select to include accounts that meet all the queries.
  • Match any condition: Select to include any single search query.
Click Cancel to close Advanced Search and refresh the list. Queries are saved until you exit the workspace.

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