Job Summary

Select Administration > Job Summary.

When you upload data, the job is processed in the background to enable you to continue with your current session. You can monitor the progress of the upload in the Job Summary page. The following status types are displayed: 

  • Waiting: Job is staged to process. 
  • Processing: Job is in progress.
  • Done: Job is processed and ready.
  • Error: Upload has an error that prevented the transfer of data. This can occur when you upload an unsupported file type.

You can cancel jobs in the Waiting and Processing status using the Cancel icon. Once a job is finished, the status, ending time timestamp, and error count (if any) is updated. If the job resulted in one or more errors, an error log file with information about the offending cell is provided.  Click the Download Errors link to download the error log file.

To refresh the job queue, click the Refresh icon. You can hide individual columns by clicking theExpand icon located in the table header, below the  Refresh icon. All column headings display by default. Click a column name in the list to toggle the column visibility on and off:

Note: Jobs involving large amounts of data will take longer to process.

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