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Key Metrics Dashboard

The Key Metrics Dashboard provides valuable information about your territory programs. T&Q provides six different indicators that help you manage staff and territory activities, account allocations, and territory planning to identify high-risk and low-performance territories: 

These indicators are updated in real time as, and when, territory programs are updated. You cannot change the Territory Program or Territory values. All programs are displayed to Administrators, Managers, and Sales Representatives, however, only corresponding territory programs are displayed in Analytics.

The Key Metrics Dashboard provides data visualizations for key metrics in the form of bar graphs and ratios for the selected territory and its sub-territories. These metrics show key lists for the subordinate territories in relation to the currently selected territory.

These visualizations can assist you in identifying and acting on key performance and staffing indicators for each territory. Territory and Quota automatically generates the dashboard based on the territory or territory program from which it is accessed for the selected view date. You can drill down into sub-territories for additional analysis or change the target that drives the analysis when there are multiple targets in the program. You can change the view date for precise point-in-time analysis.

On each indicator, except for the Hedging / Uplift Rate, you can click the  Menu icon, which enables you to print the chart, or download the chart in the following formats:
  • PNG image
  • JPEG image
  • PDF document
  • SVG vector image
If your indicator represents too much information to display in the given space, use the scroll bar to view additional information. You can also click on any sub-territory key on the chart to toggle the metric on and off. If you select a future view date, it automatically switches to a future version if there is one.

To access the Key Metrics Dashboard, go to the list on My T&Q, click the Analytics icon  on the territory you wish to view, then select Key Metrics Dashboard. The dashboard displays indicators for the selected territory to determine your desired balance and ratios.

Average Accounts / Rep

This dashboard indicator displays the average number of accounts per sales representative for all sub-territories within the program. If the same sales representative is assigned to multiple territories at the same time, it is only counted once.

This indicator is useful in staff planning to help identify sales representatives that are managing more accounts than ideal for optimal performance, or that have excess capacity, indicating the potential to handle additional accounts.

Note: The chart does displays data only for roll-up territory programs.   

Average Accounts / Territory

This indicator displays the average number of accounts per territory for all sub-territories within the program. When an account is assigned to more than one sub-territory, one count for each assignment is allocated.

Similar to the Average Accounts / Rep indicator, this dashboard indicator is useful in territory planning to help identify territories that may contain more accounts than ideal for optimal performance or that have excess capacity, indicating the potential to be assigned additional accounts.

Average Accounts / Territory indicator displays details when you hover over the chart.

Average Quotas / Territory

This indicator displays the average of the assigned quota values by territory. This dashboard indicator can help you identify territories with out-of-range quota values, potentially indicating a high risk in territories which are assigned excessively large quotas. It can also help identify territories with low performing potential that may be candidates for reorganization and realignment.

Average Quotas / Account

This indicator displays the average of the assigned quota values, by each account within the territory. This information can help you identify territories with out-of-range quota values, based on the number of accounts they contain. For example, you may identify high risk in territories with expectations of excessive sales for relatively few accounts or identify territories with potentially low-performance expectations, based on a large number of accounts.

Top-N / Bottom-N Territories

With this indicator, you can toggle between the top or bottom territories based on the overall quota assigned. This enables you to quickly identify territories with the greatest potential or risk. To toggle the report, click the Top-N or Bottom-N links in the header of the indicator.

The chart displays 3, 5, and 10 links in the header of the indicator, as shown below. You can click these links to display the top, or bottom, 3, 5, or 10 performing territories, respectively. By default, the top 5 are displayed.