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Map Tab

The Geographic Mapping capability displays a detailed list of all territories, accounts, and geographies, that are visible on the map. Custom geographies are displayed on the map if there is an address associated with the geography. When you select an account or territory, the map is centered on the applicable accounts. Similarly, when you click on an account in the map, the account is selected in the list.  Selected accounts can then be assigned or transferred to another territory. By default, only assigned accounts are visible.

To show unassigned accounts, expand the Filters section and choose to show Unassigned Customer Accounts, Prospects, or both. The map shows different icons for Customer accounts or Prospect accounts as determined by the value of the given account’s Account Type property.

To view geographies, choose to show assigned or unassigned Geographies in the Filters section. Geographies will then be marked on the map, and will be visible as a list in the Geographies tab.

You can further customize the view by filtering according to revenue, the number of employees, and historical sales. 

The Map tab for any Territory Program is available to administrators and sales representatives and displays all accounts and territories. The Globe icon in the action bar for each territory in the Territory Tree tab also launches the Mapping capability, but the data is scoped to accounts and child territories that comprise the selected territory. 

Note:  Account assignment via the mapping application allows a Sales Manager or Administrator to assign an account to any territory that is under the current territory in the hierarchy. 

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