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If your organization uses SAP Commissions with Territory and Quota, data pertaining to organizational objects such as Positions, Participants, and Titles is shared between the products, and you don’t need to create these objects in both the applications. It is recommended to create Participants, Positions, and Titles only in Commissions. 

Territory and Quota administrators who have restricted access to organizational objects in SAP Commissions are also restricted from accessing those organizational objects via the Territory and Quota workspaces. These restrictions apply to Positions, Participants, and Title workspaces in Territory and Quota. In order to grant a Territory and Quota administrator access to these entities inside the Territory and Quota application, they must be first granted the Workspace permission for the appropriate entity in the Commissions security setup. The Territory and Quota application also complies with the Read, Create, Update and Delete permissions configured in the Commissions application.  

Territory and Quota supports the use of Business Units as defined in the Commissions application. Business units are optional, but if you want to use them in territory programs, you should create them before creating the following objects:
  • Participants
  • Positions
  • Title
  • Accounts
  • Products

Use the Organization menu group to create and manage objects - participants, positions, and titles. You must configure these objects before you create your territory programs, as the programs rely on these objects. Further, you should create your participants and titles first, as they are required to create positions.