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Overlay Types Tab

The Overlay Types tab allows you to associate one or more Overlay Types to a Territory Program. You must first set create Overlay Types and then associate them with a Territory Program. Color coding enables you to distinguish overlay territories in the territory tree. A base territory in the territory hierarchy can have any number of subordinate overlay territories as children. However, an overlay territory can only have other overlay territories as children. Overlay quotas do not roll up with base territory quotas. Overlay quota distribution is always top-down, even if the base territory quota distribution is bottom-up. 

To add an Overlay Type:
  1. Click Add in the Overlay Types tab. 
  2. Search for the required territory program.
  3. Select the required overlay types.
  4. Click Assign Selected Overlay Types.

Overlay territories of a given type can only be created for a territory program once the type has been associated with the program.

To create an Overlay Territory:
  1. Select the parent territory in the program’s territory tree.
  2. Click Create territory.
  3. Select the appropriate overlay type for the new territory.
Once created, an overlay territory can be linked to any number of Base territories. Once this is done, the overlay territory’s quota and alignments can be set to the sum of all of the associated territory’s quotas and alignments.

To associate a base territory with an Overlay Territory:
  1. Select the overlay territory, and click Associated Territories on the Details screen.
  2. Select the territories you would like to associate with the overlay and click Save. Both leaf and rollup territories can be assigned to an overlay.

Note: If two territories that have a parent/child/ancestor relationship to one another are both associated to an overlay, the overlay’s quota calculation will only consider the quota for the parent (to avoid counting it twice). counting). 

To calculate the overlay quotas, click More > Run Calculation in the Territory Program Detail tab.  This action will assign to the pending quota value of the overlay the sum of all current quota values for associated base territories. The Run Calculation job can be performed on base territories or overlays.

Quota distribution for Overlays typically occurs after base territories have had their quotas distributed. The quota distribution process for overlay territories always follows a top-down process. 

To bulk distribute either base territory quotas, or overlay territory quotas, in the Detail tab, click Distribute > Bulk Distribute and select the appropriate option.

Managers and Administrators can adjust an overlay quota value to deviate from the value derived from the underlying base territories. To reset the quota for an overlay territory to the calculated value, in the quota Allocation workspace for the overlay territory, use the  Run Calculation option. In Allocation, click Run Calculation to reset the Overlay Quota to the System-Calculated Value. 

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