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Position represents a specific and unique job within a company. This job can be a role or function that an individual can perform, such as Sales Rep - West, Sales Rep - East, Vice President Europe, Partner A, CFO, and so on. You can assign a participant to one or more positions, however, only one participant can be associated with a position at any given time. You can then assign each Position responsibility to their territory and targets. 

Click Organization Positions to view existing positions. You can search, copy, create, and edit positions on this page. You can also import position data from an external source such as your HR system, or you can export position data to other systems. 

Use the Manager field on the position record to relate a position to another position, forming a manager-to-subordinate relationship. Territory and Quota uses this relationship to construct the reporting hierarchy.

Note Before you create a Position, you need to set up Participants and Titles as these are required fields to create a Position. 

The Positions page displays a list of the existing entities and the following options:




Create a new position.


Copy an existing position.


Upload a spreadsheet to add position data.  The application expects the spreadsheet to conform to a template.  You can download this template using the Download option.


Download a spreadsheet that contains data for all existing positions, selected positions only, or an empty template for creating new positions via the Upload capability.


Delete an existing position entity.


Click the name of any position to view details about the selected position. You can edit the details of a position record, or you can access versions of the same. The following actions are available:



Cancel Restore any unsaved changes and return to the Positions page 
More: Manage Versions Enables you to view, add, edit, and delete position versions. 
More: Delete Deletes the position record. 

Commits any changes to the position record.

Create New Position

To create a new position, go to Organization > Position:

  1. Click the Create button on the Positions workspace header.
  2. Add these details about the position:
  • Name (Required): Unique name or code for the position
  • Description: Description of the position
  • Participant: Participant who is assigned to this position.
  • Title (Required): Title for this position. Note that you can use this title to group positions into categories or job families to simplify identification and common tasks.
  • Manager: Position that this new position will report to
  • Target Compensation: Expected on-target compensation for this position
  • Business Units: Relative business unit
  • Effective Start Date (Required): Effective start date for the record
  • Effective End Date: Effective end date for the record
  3. Click Save to create the new position.

For fields with a drop-down list, you can select an existing entity from the list or you can enter a value in the field to filter the list.

Note:  The effective dates must coincide with the effective dates of the participant you assign to this position.             

Copy Position

To create a copy of an existing position, go to Organization > Position:

  1. Select the check box for the position you would like to copy.
  2. Click the Copy button in the header. 

When you copy a record, all the values of the original record are copied and the Name value is prefaced with Copy of

Position Versions

Territory and Quota enables you to create multiple versions of a record so you can manage various changes over time. Each version can contain distinct information that is valid for the record at different points in time. Depending on the view date you select within the application, the appropriate record version is displayed.

Effective dates indicate when a record becomes available in the application and the period of time for which the version is valid or effective. Effective dates appear at the bottom of the Details view on a record.

Versioning is available for the following:
  • Accounts
  • Account Classifier Hierarchies
  • Participants
  • Positions
  • Products
  • Territory Programs
  • Titles
The Manage Versions feature enables you to switch between different versions so you can view or change information about any position at a given point of time. To view, add, delete, or edit a version, click the More: Manage Versions menu item.

Click Create to create a new version. If you create a version that overlaps all or part of an existing version or versions, or if you remove a middle version, the remaining versions are automatically adjusted to support a continuous representation of the object over time.

Click Delete Version to remove the selected version.

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