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The Product Family feature enables you to group and assign products to territories. T&Q Product Families share a common data model with the Commissions Product Classifier feature. Product Families can be created either in T&Q or Commissions and can be used in both applications, irrespective of where they were created.

Products must be first added in the Products workspace. Administrators can then assign products to a product category, and define hierarchies of product categories under a Product Family. Products can be added to any level of a Product Family hierarchy.  

Once products have been added to a category in the Product Family, the entire category of products can be assigned to a territory or sub territory. This is done in the Accounts and Products tab of the territory detail pane (for Administrators), or via the Edit action for a given territory in the Allocation workspace (for Administrators or Sales Managers).  

NoteA territory definition consists of the actual product itself and not the Product Family categories, so if a new product is added to a category which is already assigned to a territory, that product category must be re-assigned to the territory to update it with the new products.  

Click Territory Admin > Products. Territory and Quota displays a table with a list of all existing entities, and the following options:




Create a product family.


Copy a product family.


Upload a spreadsheet to add a new product family. You cannot update existing product information using this feature.


Download a spreadsheet that contains data for all existing product families or download a template that contains product family data in a specified format. 


Delete a product family.
Download a template spreadsheet to populate data that you can later upload. 

Click on a record to view details. You can also edit the details of a record,  delete the record, or access record versions.

Create Product Family and Manage Product Category

Click Territory Admin > Products. T&Q displays a set of all existing Product Families. You can add a new family, or manage an existing one.  Select a Product Family to view details about the family, manage the family hierarchy tree, and add products to the category.

To create a new product family:
  1. Go to Territory Admin > Products and do one of the following:
  • Click the Create icon in the Products panel header and add these details about the product family: 
  • Name: Enter the name of your product family.
  • Description: Enter a brief description of the product family.
  • Business Units: Enter one or more relative business units. See Business Units for more information.
  • Effective Start and End Date: Enter or select the effective start and end date.
  • Click Upload on the Products panel header and upload the spreadsheet that contains the product family data.

    2. Save your new product.  Once you save your new product, you cannot change the effective date values.

    3. To add a product category, click the Product Category tab and add the following details:

  • Name: Enter the name of the product category.
  • Description: Enter a brief description of the product category.
  • Parent: Search and select the parent product.
  • Business Units: Enter one or more relative business units. See Business Units for more information.
  • Effective Start and End Date: Enter or select the effective start and end date.

Select a category to manage the products assigned to that category in the Product Family.  

Note: You cannot delete a product family or category if they are used in Territory Programs.

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