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Upload Data

Territory and Quota utilizes the MS Excel ® data loader primarily to import data into the application. You can import or export any object in Territory and Quota using this data loader. Additionally, you can download a data loader template from each workspace in the program in which you can populate data to upload later.

When you upload data, a message is displayed with a link to the Job Summary report where you can view the status of the upload progress. If the upload contains errors, the error count is displayed in the report. Click the Download Errors button to download and view the error report. Territory and Quota indicates errors by highlighting the offending cell with yellow and adds a comment that appears when you hover over the cell, as in the following image:

Note: When you upload a spreadsheet to create an entity, you must include values for the mandatory fields. Territory and Quota updates the information for the entity in which you upload the file when your spreadsheet has information for multiple entities. 

Incomplete data grid functionality

The Administrator, Manager and sales Representatives can sort and filter data such as Accounts, Products that can easily find the information without scrolling through every record.