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Quota Assignment Tree Map

The Quota Assignment Tree Map enables you to quickly view the hierarchy of territories and target values that are related to a territory program. Once you select a territory and a target type from the respective lists, T&Q displays the target values, based on your selections. When you make a selection from either list, the treemap is immediately refreshed. When you hover over the treemap, a popup box with the quota value details is displayed, as seen in the image below.

The Select Territory list displays all the territories assigned to you. The territory name is followed by the name of the territory program in parenthesis. 

To view all of the child territories in a territory, left-click on the territory to expand the tree. Right-click on the territory to collapse the view. 

Only territories to which you are assigned are displayed, so if you are a sales representative assigned to a rep-level territory without children territories, you will see the branch of only that territory. 

If you are assigned to a roll-up territory,  that territory and all children territories that roll up to it are displayed, such as in the following image: 

In the image above, all of the purple territories roll up to the West Coast Wine Bars territory and all of the green territories roll up to the Napa Wine Bars territory. 

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