Quota Targets 

Territory and Quota enables you to create custom Target Types that are unique to your business operations and goals. You can use Target Types as a way to label and identify quotas and targets and you can apply multiple Target Types to a given Territory program to indicate multiple quotas or targets for each territory. Some common Target Types include measurable yields such as Revenue, Units, and Bookings.

Click Territory Admin >  Quota Targets.  Territory and Quota displays a table with a list of all existing entities and the following options:




Create a new entity. 


Copy an existing entity. To copy a Target Type, select the checkbox next to the type you want to copy and then click the Copy button. Territory and Quota creates a new record with the same Description value and the Name value is prefaced with Copy of. You can change the Name value to a unique name. 


Upload a spreadsheet to add entity data. You cannot update existing entity information using this feature.


Download a spreadsheet that contains data for all existing entities.


Delete an entity. To delete a Target Type, select the checkbox next to the target type you want to delete and then click the Delete button.

Click on a record to view and edit details. You can also filter the list of existing Target Types by entering a keyword in the Search box, and use the Default Period date as a filter to select which versions to show in List or Tree view.  To sort the list, click a heading title.

Create Target Types

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To create a new Target Type:

  1. Click Territory Admin > Target Types.  
  2. Click the Create New button. 
  3. Enter a unique Name value.
  4. Enter an optional description.
  5. Save your new Target Type.