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Territory Tree Tab

You can create a territory hierarchy for the program on the Territory Tree tab and then manage the quotas, accounts, and products for all territories in the hierarchy. To create the tree, you must first create one or more root nodes that serve as the parent for child territories. The Territory Type you choose determines if the territory is a parent or child. You can then create multiple territories of each type:

  • Roll Up Territory: Parent territory: This territory type can be both a parent and child territory, but the root territory must be this type. Roll Up Territories are typically assigned to sales leaders.
  • Rep Level Territory: Child territory: This cannot also be a parent territory. Rep Level Territories are typically assigned to individual contributors.
If you need more than one root node in your Territory Program, you can upload the details using the program template. You cannot manually create more than one root node in this workspace.

It is not possible to change the type of territory from Rep Level to Roll Up in the Territory Tree tab, however, you can do this manually using the data loader capability. To change the territory type, edit these values on the Territory tab on the program worksheet, and then upload the file to apply the changes:
  • Parent.Name
  • Parent.TerritoryProgram

Improved Search in Tree view

The search is improved in the tree view to find the specific elements in the tree and visualize where they fit in the tree structure. The Sales Rep/Admin/Manager can now search on standard and custom fields in a tree view.

Steps to Improve Search in Tree view

  • Go to Territory > Territory Tree
  • Choose a column to filter
  • Type search text relevant to that column's data type
  • Repeat first and second steps for other columns
  • The tree view displays lines only for selected effective date territories that map to the search criteria and any parents.
  • The expand/collapse buttons function on the available data set, not all items.
  • Territories that match leaf or parent highlighted to indicate they match the search results. If the criteria do not match any territories, a blank list is supplied.
  • Supplying search criteria to more than one attribute should perform an "AND" operation.