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Manage Territory Versions

Territory versions can be used to track changes to territory details, team membership, and quotas over time. Tracking alignment changes does not necessarily require a territory version. You can use the Compare feature to compare two versions of a Territory. 

Territory Program Versions can be accessed by selecting More: Manage versions in the Detail Tab for any Territory Program. In the Territory Tree tab, you can use the date control to view only those territories that are/were/will be effective on a given date. The Territory Detail pane displays the effective dates of the selected version next to the territory name. 

You can select between different versions of a territory by clicking the History icon next to the effective dates.  You can create, change, delete, or save an existing territory version as a new version.

The Save as New Version option is available when you edit an existing territory version. When saving a territory as a new version, enter the effective start and end dates for the changes. You can manually choose these dates, or select a sub period. Sub-period will auto-populate start and end dates for that period. You can also enter a Version Label and Description to identify why the version was created.