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Titles are used to group similar positions which are typically related to the job function across an organization. Positions that are related by a title generally perform similar functions and management responsibilities within an organization, due to which, companies often use a Title as a way to identify and search for positions.

When used in conjunction with the SAP Sales Cloud Commissions product, you can use Titles to link related Positions for the purpose of assigning compensation plans. The Title details consist of a name, which is typically an abbreviation or acronym. You can also include a description with additional information about the Title, effective start, and end dates, and associate the Title with a business unit. 

Click Organization > Titles to view a list of existing titles. Territory and Quota displays a table with a list of all existing titles and the following options:




Create a new title.


Copy an existing title.


Upload a spreadsheet to add or update title data.


Download a spreadsheet that contains data for all existing titles, selected titles only, or an empty template that can be used to create new titles using the Upload function.


Delete an existing entity.

Click on the name of any title to edit the details of a title, or access title versions. The following actions appear in the Details header: 




Revert all unsaved changes and return to the Titles workspace.

More: Manage Version

Enables you to view, add, edit, and delete title versions.

More: Delete

Deletes the title record.


Commits changes to the Title fields.

Create New Title

  1. To create a new title, go to Organization > Titles:
  2. Click the Create button on the Titles workspace header, and add the following details about the title:
  • Name (Required): Name that will be used to reference this title. For example, “Regional VP”, or “ Sales Executive Level 1”.
  • Description: Brief description of the title
  • Business Units: Related business unit. This feature provides an extra layer of data access security by segregating compensation data for different parts of the corporate structure.
  • Effective Start Date (Required): Effective start date for the record
  • Effective End Date: Effective end date for the record
   3. Click Save to create the new title.

Copy Title

To create a new title, go to Organization > Titles:

  1. Select the title you would like to copy by enabling the checkbox next to the title’s name.
  2. Click Copy on the Titles workspace header.
When you copy a title record, all the values of the original record are copied and the Name value is prefaced with Copy of

Title Versions

Territory and Quota enables you to create multiple versions of a record so you can manage various changes over time. Each version can contain distinct information that is valid for the record at different points in time.

Depending on the view date you select within the application, the appropriate record version is displayed. Effective dates indicate when a record becomes available in the application and the period of time for which the version is valid or effective. Effective dates appear at the bottom of the Details view on a record.

Versioning is available for the following records:
  • Accounts
  • Account Classifier Hierarchies
  • Participants
  • Positions
  • Products
  • Territory Programs
  • Titles
The Manage Versions feature enables you to switch between different versions so you can view or change information about the record over time. To view, add, delete, or edit a version, click More: Mange Versions.

Click Create to create a new version. If you create a version that overlaps all or part of an existing version or versions, or if you remove a middle version, the remaining versions are automatically adjusted to support a continuous representation of the object over time.

Click Delete to remove the selected version.

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