Quick Start Guide ยป What is Territory and Quota?


What is Territory and Quota?

Territory and quota is an end-to-end solution that can simplify sales planning ensuring agility, fairness, and transparency. It empowers business users to:

  • Design, optimize, assign, and manage territories based on opportunity, workload, account information, and geography.
  • Gain alignment between potential and sales capacity to maximize sales revenue.
  • Respond to market changes and sales rep turnover quickly to ensure no opportunity is lost.
  • Prevent over or under allocation of accounts.
  • Ensure that every sales rep is productive by providing them with a strategic list of accounts to target in record time.
  • Use metrics such as historical transaction data and/or CRM opportunity data to ensure that quotas are set in a fair and scientific manner both for new businesses as well as existing businesses. 
  • Use AI recommendations to optimize the territory alignments & scenarios.
Territory and Quota enables you to speed up the distribution of quotas, define territories to deliver more revenue, and align corporate targets with the field,  thereby maximizing productivity.