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Assignment Rules

The Assignment Rules section enables you to configure the assignment behaviors of the action. You can assign the case to multiple users, assign a default assignee, and restrict or enable to users to perform assignee overrides. You can also configure which users can be selected for the next assignee.

The Assignment Rules section is only available for configuration on these action types:

To configure assignment settings:

  1. Enable the Allow assigning to more than one user option in the Assignment Rules section if you want to allow a case to be assigned to multiple users.

  2. Select the user(s) that the case will be assigned to from the Default Assignee options, and then select a value from the corresponding list:

    • Case Team Roles

    • Case Roles

    • Project Roles

    • Specific User

    • Assignment Group

    • Unassigned

  3. Define whether end users should be able to select a different assignee than the default assignee:

    • Allow Users to Override Default Assignee: Select this option to enable end users to manually override the default assignee.

  • Available Users for Next Assignee Field: When end users are able to override the default assignee, you can restrict which users are available in the assignee field. Select one or more permission groups that users can assign the case to next.

Note: Department permissions restrict the users that are available in the assignee field. See Departments for more information.

  1. Click Save to update the settings.