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This section enables you to configure the notifications that are sent to users when this action is executed, and which users to send the notification to. By default, notifications are enabled for all actions. This ensures that users are notified of any action that is performed on a case. Share Case is the only action that will not send notifications when executed and cannot be configured to send notifications.

In the Notifications section, use the On | Off button to toggle notifications on and off.

Notification Display Settings

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Workflow provides these options:

  • Don’t show notification recipients to user: Select this checkbox to hide the notification section when users execute the action.

  • Allow users to deselect default recipients: Select this to enable users to change the default recipients that are defined in the selected notification recipient list.

Default Notifications

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These settings determine which users will receive a notification when the action executes. The recipients in the selected notification(s) will be displayed to end users in the notification section when the action is performed. All recipients will receive the standard email notification defined for the action type. You can manage the standard email template for each action type in the Email Templates workspace.

You can choose to use the established global settings for the recipients or you can select from a notification group that should receive email notifications.

When you hover over thei.PNGInformation icon next to a notification group, Workflow displays these additional details:

    • Name

    • Description

    • Departments

    • Users

    • System Users

    • Project Roles

    • Emails

See Notification Groups for more information on defining notification groups.

Custom Notifications

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You can define the custom email notifications that are sent when the action is executed. This allows you to send separate email notifications to different recipients. Custom notifications are sent in addition to the standard notifications by default. You can modify this by selecting the Use Custom Notifications Only checkbox.

To configure custom notifications:

  1. Select the Use Custom Notifications only checkbox if you want the custom notifications to override the standard notifications.
  2. Choose an email template from the Select email template field. See Email Templates for more information on creating and modifying templates.

  3. Select the notification groups that represent users who will receive the custom email notifications when the action is executed. When you hover over thei.PNG Information icon next to a notification group, Workflow displays additional details about the group.

  4. Click Add to add the selected custom email template and notification group to the action notification.

    Workflow will display a table that shows the selected email template, and links that enable you to edit or remove the template. We also display the list of the notification groups that will receive the notifications and we enable you to edit or remove those groups.

  5. Click Save to update the settings.

See Notification Groups for more information on defining notification groups.

Note: Custom notifications can only use custom email templates.