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Style and Position

The Style and Position section enables you to configure the style and position of an action when a user views it on a case. You can configure Style and Position settings for all action types except the following actions:

  • Reminder Action

  • Add User to Team

  • Delete Attachment

  • Delete Comment

  • View Case

Each workflow action has a default icon that is displayed. You can override that default icon by uploading a custom icon.

In this section you can configure:

  • Custom Action Icon: To upload a picture that will display as an icon for this action:

  1. Select the   Upload File icon to search for an image to upload. Workflow accepts these file formats:
    • BMP
    • JPG
    • PNG
    • GIF
  2. Select Open to add the icon.
  3. Select the  Delete Icon to remove the uploaded custom action icon.

  • CSS Class for Custom Action Icon: Enter the name of the CSS class you wish to use. The CSS class should exist in the custom CSS file you upload in UI Settings. See UI Settings for more information.

  • Display Position: Enter the value for the action position. Workflow orders actions in ascending order based on the number configured in the display position. When multiple actions have the same:

    • Display position, we order based on the action type.

    • Display position and action type, we order based on the action name.

  • Display Status: Enable this option to always display the action in the list of available actions. When disabled, the action will show behind a Show All Actions link.

  • Show Action Header: Select this checkbox to display a header, such as the following, for the designated action: