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Ad-Hoc Reminders Panel

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Workflow displays a list of existing ad-hoc reminders and enables you to add new reminders. You can view the details by selecting the reminder. When you create a reminder, Workflow will send a notification to the users you include when you create the reminder.

Create New Reminder

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To create a new ad-hoc reminder:

  1. Select the Add link.

  2. Complete the form fields:

    • Name: Enter a name.

    • Description: Enter a description that will appear in the notification.

    • Date and Time: Enter the date and time to send the reminder.

      Note: The time you set is in system time, not your local time.

    • Who to Remind: Add users who will receive the notification. When adding other users, the reminder will be displayed when they view this case.

  3. Click Create.

Edit Reminder

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To edit or delete your reminder:

  1. Click on the   Reminder icon.

  2. Update the form fields.

  3. Click Save to save your changes, or

Click Delete to remove the reminder.

Note: The reminder will display for all users for whom the reminder was created.