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Add User to Team

The Add User to Team action enables an end user to add another user to the case team. This is useful for assigning users that will manage the lifecycle of the case.

When you add this action to a workflow, we display a link in the Team panel that enables end users to add a team member to the case. We do not display an icon for this action in the Actions panel.

End users will also be able to view and remove existing team members, and to assign team member roles in the Team panel. When you assign a role, Workflow displays a list of possible roles that are derived from configured Relations.

See Relations for more information on defining relations between two cases, or between a user and a case.

Note: When a user is a team member on a case, they are able to view the case, regardless of their user permissions. Their ability to perform actions will depend on their permission settings.

Workflow only permits you to customize Style and Position and Basic Settings for this action type.