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Add Workflow

To create a new workflow, go to  Setup > Processes > Workflows , then click the Add   New button.

A wizard displays and guides you through the steps to create a new workflow.

  1. Enter Basic Workflow Info : Complete the form fields:

    • Name: Enter a name.

    • Description: Add a brief description. This is used as an internal note for administrators.
    • Unique Key : Enter a unique identifier which can be later used in scripts.

      Warning : You cannot change this key once assigned.

  2. Add Statuses : Drag and drop statuses from the list of Available Statuses  to the Selected Statuses  grid. You can also drag and drop statuses within the grid to rearrange the order. The status item on the top of the list will execute first, and then progress down the list of statuses when you run the workflow.
    In this step, you can also search for statuses in other workflows, and you can create a new status using the Add New Status  link. See Create New Status  for more information.

  3. Form Designer : Design the layout of the fields, forms, and user interface components that users will see when they create a new case in this workflow. Drag and drop, and position the components in the desired location on the form. See Form Designer  for more information. 

  4. Click Previous  to revisit the prior steps in the wizard, or Finish  to complete the new workflow.