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Admin Actions

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The    button on the Actions panel of a case page provides the following actions:




Follow Case

Enables you to follow a case.

Stop Following CaseEnables you to stop following a case.

View FollowersDisplays a list of users who follow the case.

Vote for Case

Enables you to vote for the case.

PDF Version

Downloads the case details in PDF format.

View Case History

Displays the audit history of the case and enables you to download an audit report.

View SLA History

Displays the SLA history of the case.

Save Display Settings

Saves your display settings.

Customize ScreenEnables you to customize the form.

Add New ActionEnables you to add a new action to the case.

Guest Access LinkEnables you to create a link to the case that users can access without logging into Workflow.

Case Script StatisticsShows statistics about the script used in the case.

The following additional actions display only for administrators:

  • Customize Screen  
  • Add New Action
  • Guest Access Link: Displays a URL that you can provide to guests, or non-registered users, to access the case. 
  • Case Script Statistics: Opens the Script Statistics workspace where you can view the statistics of your script. See Script Execution Log for more information.

Action headers on the case page provide the following quick links: