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System Auditing

The System Auditing log tracks most changes performed in Setup, including all changes to personal and sensitive personal data, and views of sensitive personal data. For information about personal data, see Personal Data in Custom Fields.

The System Auditing log displays the following information:

  • Performer
    The name of the user who made the changes

  • Updated
    Date and time of the activity

  • Activity
    The activity type

  • Details
    Details of the change

  • System ID
    The System ID of the changed component

  • Data Type
    Indicates whether the change was made to personal, non personal, or sensitive personal data, where applicable

To open the System Auditing log:

  • Go to Setup > Administration > Logs > System Auditing.

Navigating the System Auditing Workspace

To move between pages of data and select the number of records shown on a page, use the page navigation in the bottom right corner of the page.

To sort log on a specific column, click the up or down arrow in the column heading.

To  search the log for a specific string, use the Search in the upper left corner of the page. Click the search options link to select the type of data (personal, non personal, or sensitive personal), and which columns to search.